I love trading. It’s fun, it’s financially rewarding and it gives me pleasure of being aware to know that I’ve helped someone to get what he/she wants.

So here I want to do the same thing – find for those who want to buy something a good seller and for those who sell something I want to help find a buyers. If you let me be your trading agent, we can both be happy by out mutual cooperation.

My list is huge (over 200,000) different businesses in various industries and if I have the list of people whom you need, I will promote your business. All I ask from you is €8. Is that worthy investment? You decide. Others have placed their trust in my hands and have profited.

I don’t do this for getting rich, but I do this out of desire to help. The pleasure in helping others is extra bonus I get every time the deal is successful.

So let’s connect and profit.

Wishing you best trade,

Pavle R.